[Outdated][Bug 1.05] Workers stealing valve and paint.



my workers are stealing vlave and paint. how? they order more valve / paint as they can store.

the engine fitting and the paint station order more items as they can store.

i tested it with a supply stockpile next to the fit engine station. i ordert 20 valve for the stockpile and when the fit engine station take they order for the valve from the stockpile there were only 1 valve left in the stock pile. in the fit had only 14 valves in it’s stockpile.

they had before the order was taken 6 valve in stock so it wasted 11 valves :-/

the paint station does something simmular. it used 3 for a paintjob and orderd 11 paint. it can only store 16 paint, so it wasted 8 paint.