[Outdated][Bug 1.06] Issues with Full Screen / Side Scrolling / Settings Menu

Hi Cliffski,

Bought the game yesterday after watching a couple of YouTube videos and just managed to find a few minutes to have a quick play this evening.

The first thing I wanted to do before anything, was to swap the game over onto my second monitor (no particular reason - just personal preference due to desk layout), but I don’t seem to be able to do that whilst in full screen mode - there doesn’t appear to be an option to toggle into windowed mode, and Alt+Enter didn’t seem to do the trick either - I eventually figured found that I could drop the resolution below max and it would switch to windowed and that can then be dragged, but I don’t see a way of playing in full screen over on the second monitor and setting it back to full resolution while on the second screen made it jump back to monitor 1 again.

The second thing I noticed, is that when the game is running, and I’m doing stuff out of the game on the second monitor, the top and bottom side scroll seem to be active across both monitors; so for example, changing a browser tab in chrome on monitor 2 caused the game over on monitor one to scroll up even though it didn’t have focus/cursor was not within its boundaries.

Final little thing I’ve noticed in that first few minutes of gameplay, is that if you’ve started a production line, go into settings and change the resolution, it seems to reset the whole game - without any autosave or warning that progress is about to be lost.

I appreciate its very early access, and these are minor things in the grand scheme, so please feel free to ignore them for now, but it’d be great if you could pop them right at the very bottom of your list to be considered in the future!