[Outdated][Bug 1.07] Fit Engine Stockpile

Started a new game in 1.07. It seems like the Fit Engine stockpile is stocking too many valves (12) for the updated number required per car (4). This means the stockpile has only 4 slots for all the other parts. Would be a nice feature to be able to manage the inventory requests for a slot like we do resource stockpiles so that I can tune the inventory to optimize the part flow.

I’m loving the game and the great support from the developer to address issues!

Bill Rowe

This one also got me. It’s kind of infuriating to watch, because even with additional Supply Stockpiles nearby there’s no way the Fit Engine can run without much wait time.
Managing the resources in the same way as SupplyStockpiles would not work well, because the whole process of Fit Engine needs 20 parts (and the local stockpile has a size of 16). At least at my current state. It should be resolvable, if the station would order all parts in the order of the steps for which they are needed.