[Outdated][Bug 1.07] WinKey + Tab = Crash

When I press windows Key + tab to go to my home screen, the game crashes and I am unable to re-launch the game until i restart my computer

Also, I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it is intended, but when you’re in the R&D screen, research does not progress at all

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Hey Capacha,

every PC is unique so some informations about your machine could be helpfull.

I don’t have the mentioned problem while running win X pro 64bit on a intel i7 combined with 16gb ram and a nvidia 980 gpu. I’m using two monitors so the game is running on the primary display.

Kind regards

Hi, people preferred time to stop on the research screen :smiley:
Regarding the crash, this sounds like it may be video card driver related. Which version of windows is this? and IO presume you are playing the game at the max resolution? I have’t had other reports of this specific issue yet.

I’m on a fairly low spec laptop (could explain it) - Intel Pentium CPU (:S), 4GB RAM ruining Win10 Home (64bit)

Regarding the settings, i haven’t changed any - so whatever the defaults are set to is what i’m playing on.

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