[Outdated][Bug 1.08] Minor issues with the new efficiency window information

As seen below… when starting a new map in 1.08 the values for Slots running and Vehicles running should probably say “N/A” until there are actually slots or vehicles running.

Instead there’s that weird “-1.#J%” thingy which kinda looks ugly.

But I guess it won’t prevent anyone from playing the game. ;D

ha! good point…will fix…

The ‘Vehicle Production / Hour’ does not show how many cars have been made but how many have been sold within the last hour:

(I’m at selling cars periodically, so car production is constant but selling not)

Same with the ‘Square Meters / Vehicle’: It’s related to sold cars, not to manufactured one.
Both informations as related to sold cars may be interesting when thinking about reporting related to marketing and sales but at this point (statistics related the production process) the number of cars shipped by the export slot / added to the Car Stock would be better.

True, I noticed that already as well… I was wondering why sometimes the stats work and sometimes they display N/A even if I’m clearly producing cars.

Now it makes sense… due to selling periodically the display of the stats doesn’t work most of the time.

Should really be changed to the actual production per hour, not sold per hour… basically when the car leaves the map through the export it should be counted towards the production per hour even if it ends up unsold in the stock…

That’s what I tried to say … :smiley: