[Outdated][Bug 1.08a] Crash When Loading or Saving Game

My computer crashed earlier today while playing PL. This was not the fault of PL, I’ve been having issues with my system lately. But, now when I try to load or save a game in PL, I am getting the attached error.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no success.

At first I’ld like to point forwards the ‘Bug Report Guideline’:

Would you please add som more details? e.g.:

Which game version do you use?
Is it a new savegame or from earlier game version?

Thanks & regards

Yup, sorry, just saw the bug report guide.

Version is 1.08a (updated post title)

This bug happens either when you create a new game and try to save it, or when you click “Load Game” from the main menu.

I have attached the errors and saved game files minus the images which made the file too large.
savegames - Copy.zip (101 KB)
debug.zip (1.56 KB)

Hmmm, your autosave is corrupt so when trying to load a game it will be checked for game data and the game crashes because of this file.
As soon as you delete the autosave.xml everything should be fine for the moment.

Your other savegame (.xml) is okay so not everything is lost.

I also assume that the game probably crashed during the autosave and thereby corrupted the autosave. Getting rid of the autosave should fix the issue in the meantime.

OKay, that makes sense. It would be nice to see a better error message or automatic recovery from this type of error in the future.

As far as getting back my game, when I rename the autosave to autosave.xml.old I now have no saved games when I click load. Have I done something wrong?

Thanks for your help!

Lol, yes, forgot to say. Your other savegame has not valid name.
Rename it e.g. to my_last_save.xml and it should work :slight_smile: