[Outdated][Bug 1.09] Game crash and some bugs

I Found two bugs and a game crash which may or may not have been addressed yet, I tried to look up these specific problems, but I could not find them in the ‘Bug Reports’ thread.

Game crashing
When I create conveyor line and try to drag a conveyor line through more then one production line and continue to drag it through: let’s say a ‘Fit body station’ or ‘Spray paint station’, it crashes the game, see picture below.

Logistic problem
When I make anything on site (for instance: roll-cages) I get my base resources (steel) from a resource importer. However, if I connect a resource importer to the station that fits the roll-cages (even though I make the roll-cages on site) the resource importer will still import roll-cages from outside even if I have it stockpiled and connected to the station that fits the roll-cage.*

In the image below you can clearly see the route that the metal sheet travels towards where the hoods, trunks, roofs, etc are made*:

*Idea: It might be an easy fix to add an option to the resource importer to tell it what items to import.

Thanks for a great game so far, enjoying it immensely!

I told my friends of this game as well, hopefully you’ll have some more support coming your way, keep up the great work!