[Outdated][Bug 1.10] Financial Dept./Expenses/Rent


I got with my savegame at a point I’m loosing constantly money. So I tried to find out why …
The Expenses of the Financial Dept. was not very helpfull because it shows wrong values. I tried to reproduce with a clean new game (Tight Budget).
Because I did not build anything there are only costs for rent and power purchase:

So after the first hour it looks good. The rent (14 m x 63 m x 8 /m²) of 7,056 has been added to the expenses. This value should keep constant as per 1 hour and should be constant at 169,344 $ per 24 hours. But it isn’t:

The statistics shows the doubled rent of 14,112 $ per 1 hour. The same will happen with 24 hours statistics. At 0:00 everything looks good:

But one and two hours later it does not:

The 24 Hours statistic stays at 176k (14 m x 63 m x 8 /m² x 25 h = 176,400) :

In total the Financial Dept. Overview mentions a loss off 241K . While starting with 1M this should result to an actual budget of ~ 758K - 760K but 942,018 are still available:

So the Financial Dept. statistics are not helpfull for stopping my company bleeding.
At that point I used some Excel to calculate the components price (did not manufacture a single piece on my own) and mentioned that all components together have had the same value as the Fair Price. But that’s another story …

Because the Income of the Financial Dept. does not include every income (e.g. refunds for demolished slots are missing) I think we will see an overhaul of this feature at a later time. So on my side this has low priority and maybe fixed when improving the financial reports.

Kind regards