[Outdated][Bug 1.11] Extreme lag / Can not place conveyors

I think I pushed the game to far… I’m building a car about every 0.82 seconds

I can no longer place conveyors or overhead conveyors. Interestingly if I build and destroy an importer I can then make once stretch of conveyor.

I’m getting crashes about 30% of the time when i try to load the save and 9 time out of 10 when it loads it has extreme lag… the rare times there is no lag I still can’t build conveyors

Edit: did some more messing around… if you pause the game for one minute, build an importer, delete the importer… the lag stops but still have issues with conveyers

Big v1.10.zip (1.1 MB)

Thanks for this, its obviously insanely big, but it helps me identify bottlenecks…
its linked to supply stockpiles, but I already have a fix in my head. I’ve already seen this run at 60 FPS, so expect major speedups by the next patch :smiley:

Thanks! Can’t wait for the next update.

Based on what I learned from this factory and screwing around with it while it was broken… I’m pretty sure I can do 4 cars per second… If the game will let me :smiley:

Building a large factory I have reached the point where I am unable to place single resource conveyors (I can still drag them out).

The game is running quite slowly but this happens even when the game is paused and no nearest importer calculations are running.

Since the factory is VERY large this may go away with the 1.11 performance improvements, but I thought it might be worth looking at the underlying cause since I would not expect the UI to become unresponsive like that.
f10b.zip (848 KB)


please check the ‘[Fixed 1.11][Bug 1.10] Extreme lag / Can not place conveyors’ topic here:

Yours seems to be a duplicate …

Oops, I was actually intending to link to that thread but it slipped my mind when I got around to posting. While possibly related I think they may be different issues.

I am still able to build all other types of objects (including vehicle conveyors) and don’t see any extreme lag as described in the other report (just general slow down from having a very large factory), and adding/removing importers or older conveyors makes no difference.

If this looks like the same issue feel free to mark it fixed and I’ll check back with 1.11 hits if it still happens.

That is how mine started… Sometimes you get lag sometimes not.

Sorry to bring bad news but this is not fixed in 1.11 :*(

I got my factory to a point where I still can place slots but neither Resource Conveyors nor Conveyors even after starting the game and loading the savegame.
When I try to place some Resource Conveyors the GUI switches to the Resource Map but no Resource Conveyor can be dragged.
Attached the savegame and mission as .rar:
Crazy8-no_more_conveyors.rar (1.41 MB)

Btw.: It runs at 15-20 FPS at Normal Speed on a I7-6700+GTX980 but the CPU & GPU still have enough reserves …

I don’t believe that such huge factories are very common so other bugs / suggestions should be more important than this.

Loaded the savegame again, clicked while the game was calculating the nearest bay, got a message from Windows that the program does not react but decided to let it run, after everything has loaded I was able to place new Conveyors and Resource Conveyors. But the taskmanager shows that the game consumes less than 400 MB and not 700 MB and more after loading. So atm I’m really confused about this -.-