[Outdated][Bug 1.11] parking vehicles removed when dragging conveyor over them


the following is not gamebreaking but a bit annoying.
If you dragg a Conveyor over another Conveyor with a parking vehicle on it you will remove the vehicle.
Moving vehicles are not affected.

How to reproduce:

  1. ensure you have parking vehicles:
  2. start dragging the Conveyor
  3. Dragg the Conveyor over parking vevicle but do not release the mouse button
  4. Wait till the vehicles stopped and dragg to the next tile with a parking vehicle but still do not release the mouse button - the vehicles stay removed even if you place the conveyor without crossing the existing conveyor:

My expectation is that this will happen when releasing the mouse button and placing the conveyor but only on the updated conveyor tile.

While doing this screenshots I mentioned that the Chassis Assemble slot will remain on 2% Waiting for resources …

… but when running on SuperSpeed it’s 8%:

Both looks wrong because this slot can hold the parts for 3 production processes so it should not run into this problem. But maybe there is a good reason for so only the difference between the speeds will stay annoying. This could be related to this topic so maybe it’s fixed in 1.12 …