[Outdated][Bug 1.11] Some saves from 1.10 fail to load

When I try to load some of my factories from version 1.10, the game crashes on “Creating Factory”. The following lines appear in errors.txt when this occurs:

24/2/2017 - 21::44 - Assertion failure:filename:..\src\GUI_TextureCache.cpp,linenum:25 24/2/2017 - 21::44 - Assertion failure:filename:..\src\SIM_LoadGame.cpp,linenum:292

This happens to a handful of my saves from 1.10, but not all of them. The only distinguishing factor I know of is that they all started from one factory (Mega Factory size), to which I had added some import/export locations using the “Edit” button before starting the game. I tried to recreate this issue solely in 1.11 with a new factory by first adding some import/export locations in the editor, building a small factor off of them, saving, then removing the locations I used from the map editor. That save loaded fine.

I have included the furthest back save I have of those factories with the least stuff in it, as well as the debug folder. It is essentially a blank factory with all research completed that I use for testing stuff, though it does have a small line in one room for keeping up money. I don’t believe it uses any of the added import/export slots.
BugReport.zip (1.22 MB)

Hi, we need the custom map used if there are custom maps involved with a save game :smiley: Actually it does look like the crash is related to a missing zone name, meaning it looks like you deleted or renamed/edited the scenario the saved game was built on?

I think this is the problem. If you change one of the included maps e.g. by adding some more spots for Resource Importers you will allways need the customized map. As soon as you update the game the modified map will be - because of the equal name - overwritten by the installer.

That was one reason why MeduSalem suggested to make the map you start part of the savegame so not matter if the map will be modified, deleted or whatsoever the savegame will be playable.

yes in the long term I am definitely going to fold the mission data into the save game file.

Sounds good but for the moment your fix for 1.12 should help as well :slight_smile: