[Outdated][Bug 1.14] Fix Tire and Fix Brake not stockpiling greater than four

Stockpiles are not filling for these units, only keeping enough for one cycle

My line is working as intended and the stockpiles of those slot get filled up.

Would you please add a savegame?
Maybe it’s just a bottleneck at the resource importers or it takes more time to move the resources to your slots than they could be consumed …
Importers will delay the delivery of the resources a bit so it can be a good idea to use a Supply Stockpile to buffer highly used components.

I had left that running after the screenshot for a few minutes and the stock did not fill. I’ve attached the savegame.
test.xml (2.74 MB)

Looks like your savegame was created after a ‘save at super speed and reload’ action. The resources are either at stockpiles or floating outside the rendered area.
Do you have an earlier savegame?

Ha! Have the same issue now and no idea why this happens.
But it looks like to be related to supply stockpiles and delayed resource requests.

My scenario: I’ve placed a single Supply Stockpile near 2 ‘Fit Wheels’ slots and added Wheel at a quantity of 12 to this stockpile.

The production line the ‘Fit Wheels’ slots belong to is fed by a single not upgraded ‘Fit Front Axle’ slot. There is no bottleneck at this line so the output of the ‘Fit Front Axle’ slot limits the total throughput of the line.
There are also enough ‘Make Wheel’ slots not far away so no wheels need to be imported.

As long as the supply stockpile has wheels the stock at the slot will be filled up from the supply stockpile. But after some minutes it will be filled up to a maximum of 11 (16-5 per task). After putting more workload onto the ‘Fit Wheels’ slot it goes down to 6 after some more minutes. The last stage of this is that the slot has to wait for wheels.

After setting the amount of wheels in the supply stockpile it soon rans out of stock and the ‘Fit Wheels’ slot has to request wheels from the ‘Make Wheel’ slot. At this point the stock of wheels at the ‘Fit Wheels’ slot gets filled up very quick and works as expected: Full again before the next vehicle has been processed.

But because the mentioned supply stockpile has to request components from several make-slots and to deliver to 6 fit-slots it’s possibly just overloaded by too many requests. In this case it’s a feature, not a bug ;o)
routing_1.14_2.rar (578 KB)

I think it’s an issue where the stockpiles are not feeding into and out of the supply system at the faster rate that research allows.

I kinda wish there was a metric you could look at that showed how many items went in/went out/were fitted so you could say “This stockpile took in $foo items, made $bar pulls from external sources, $baz pulls from the manufacturing sites, and pushed out $qux items in the last hour.”

I think I sussed it out; Cliff’s update to 1.14 states the following:

I’m just wondering if there’s some governor on the /outflow/ from the stockpile.

What I think is happening is that when an item is making a request of a stockpile, it’s getting a “Yes, I have what you want, but you’re going to have to wait” and the requester is not falling back to requesting from anyplace else, just waiting on it to become available. This would also explain why it’s /longer/ to respond when the thing generating the request is set to Prefer Local and Local Only. If the stockpile is closer than the Manufacturing or Import, the thing making the request is going to default to it.

The requesting site’s not self-aware to it’s inventory to the point where it can use pressure logic (i.e. I have two, I need four, I’m waiting for a stockpile, where else can I get it?), I think, and I think the issue is magnified on the sites that require multiple of the same thing. Also, it could be that the requesting site that may need four of something is only making one request and waiting for that to be filled before making the next request, getting it stuck in a request one->wait->receive one->I need more->goto 10 cycle that never actually builds up the local stockpile of the requesting site if your assembly line’s faster than the delay on the stockpile.