[Outdated][Bug 1.15] Load Error "Missing Tag header"

error message: missing tag header \src\sim_loadgame.cpp1513
Game crash on error.
Can’t load saves or create new ones. Re-installing didn’t fix issue.
Can’t upload says file empty. 0 bytes. Deleted auto save, problem seems to be in the save.

I’m getting this one, also on … wait, the installer I downloaded was “PLInstaller119.exe”, so whatever version that is. :slight_smile:


missing tag: name:…\src\SIM_LoadGame.cpp 1629



I think i had this one as well, my computer overheats sometimes, and it overheated during an autosave, and if i remember correctly this was the error i got trying to load the save.

I didn’t report it because the issue was caused by my computer overheating(and thus corrupting the save, or so i thought)

Hi if you have a very old save game, then the latest version(s) of the game will not be able to load them, but they should prevent you from attempting this by greying them out. Unless you hit a save game bug and a corrupt save game was actually written to disk.

Running 1.22 - Tried to load a Save Game, was the autosave. Got this on screen message - Seeing that this may be related to this open issue, I thought I would add it here.

This is the autosave file
autosave.xml (26.2 KB)
these are the error logs from debug.
1652.zip (2.48 KB)
Immediately prior to this autosave load error, the game crashed after I built the entire line start to finish while pausedm then I went to The fastest speed.