[Outdated][Bug 1.15] Units waiting resources from a deleted supply stockpile

I had a supply stockpile that couldn’t provide for 3 “Fit body” units so I deleted the supply stockpile unit. After that body fitting units stalled totally for hours (I tested for 3 game hours). Two units are waiting for windows and one for trims.

(Also before I deleted the supply stockpile, I removed paint orders from the X button. Then I had four paint barrels on the stockpile tiles and some body parts were dropped over them. The 4 paint barrels vanished at some point but I still had some double tile assignments, for example a wing mirror and a window in the same tile. But this comment should be in another thread. Too bad I didn’t take any screenshots.)
hanging_body_units.zip (1.06 MB)

I tried to continue with the save but the stuck units stay stuck. Replacing a resource importer or deleting the resource conveyor over unit’s stockpile don’t help either.