[Outdated][Bug 1.16] Crash to Desktop

Hey there!

You may be interested in this crash I got. The event viewer refers to the .exe of Production Line. Sorry, it’s german. It didn’t do anything special it just crashed.

Hi, unfortunately that doesn’t help. There was no error message I assume?


nope, only the famous “has stopped working” message. It happend twice up to now. The second time I clicked
the time acceleration button (fastest).

Thats weird. Are there any unusual things about your PC? is it high spec? how big is the factory (is it insanely big). Do you have lots of apps running in the background maybe?

No unusual things but yes it consists of decent hardware (GTX1070 + i5-4690K @ 4.2). My factory is quite big. All space is in use respectively I’ve rent all the space. And no, PL is the only application which is running.