[Outdated][Bug 1.19] Door Panel issue

I have a fully upgraded door panal slot. The problem is it keeps saying there is insufficient supplies. Mostly servos and alarms. To fix this I started making servos right next to the door slot and dropped a stockpile slot next to it. I filled stockpile with alarms and have plenty of servos made but it still says insufficient supplies. I have full upgraded import conveyors. Conveyors don’t seem to be backed up?? It’s a major bottle neck and not sure why 40% of the time sits waiting on servos or alarms.

Have you done all the efficiency upgrades regarding robots, also resource importer speeds? You might need to split your line into two and run two door panel sections in parallel.
I admit that I often resort to doing that in my test games, so maybe it is something that needs tweaking…

Yes full robot and conveyor upgrade I slit the door panal slot last night it did help some but both still waiting on supplies. I will mess with it more tonight.