[Outdated][Bug 1.19][Steam Version] manufactured doors won't leave slot

this was originally saved in 1.19, and i noticed no issues in that build, though to be honest, i probably would not have as my line was bottle necked closer to the export slot at that time.

the door panels are built in the top right of the lower left factory section, they will not leave those building slots.
the door installation slot is currently a bottleneck because it’s not getting any door panels from them in spite of preferring local source.

This may or may not be related to this bug report. viewtopic.php?f=57&t=18641
as i wasn’t sure if they’re the same issue i made a new thread

Door Panels.xml (2.45 MB)

I stepped into the code for this with your save game and a debugger. It looks like door panels are being ordered from the nearest supply stoickpile, instead of the manufacturing location you apparently wwould prefer?
The strategy for door panels is set to ‘prefer local’ rather than exclusively local. What this does is to disregard import bays, as long as there is a component stockpile somewhere. However (and this is maybe not clear) that includes the component stockpiles inside supply stockpiles.

The supply stockpile is naturally just filling up from the nearest import bay.

If the supply stockpile was much further away, it would not be an issue. I think all you need to do here is set it to ‘only local’ rather than just prefer local.

i had the issue before placing the supply stockpile. the supply stockpile was my attempt to fix it
I assumed there just wasn’t enough stockpile inside the assembly slots since it was so far away, and assumed the manufacturing slots were sending 1 door panel at a time or some such
then i realized it might be a bug, when that didn’t change anything.

try deleting the stockpile and see what turns up.

and yes they are set to prefer local, i would assume that would only import if there’s no stock on location though, is it maybe distance related as well?