[Outdated][Bug 1.22 Steam] Conveyor belt stops for no apparent reason

After tens of hours of working correctly, the conveyor belt at a specific spot stops working randomly when a car passes onto it.

Pasting a new conveyor (and deleting the offending auto) over the existing conveyor restarts the belt, but it will stop again, randomly.
Deleting the conveyor piece and placing a new one restarts the belt, though it will stop again, randomly.
I tried deleting the resource importer, but the conveyor continued to stop at that point even without the importer present, so I replaced the importer.
It seems to happen whatever the car model; at first I thought it might be the car, but it occurred with at least one of each type in production.
stopped conveyor error.zip (2.1 MB)
errors.txt (17.7 KB)