[Outdated][Bug 1.22 Steam] - Production Queue Adding Vehicles

While adding additional vehicles to the production queue, you can only add one at a time. What I mean is if you open the window to change the line, and add a second vehicle type, you can only add one, when you select the third, the option to add stays greyed out and you can not add it.

In this picture, I opened it, Added in the Compact, then went to add the SUV immediately after, and you see the option remained greyed out, and I could not add it. If I closed the window, and select change again, I can add the third one in then. Small glitch, and not game breaking.

It clears the quantity when you add a car. You need to put the 1 back in on the black bar to the right of the model name. Not quite a bug, just an eccentricity.

Aha! Thanks so much. Very Nice.