[Outdated][Bug 1.23] car model routing

I have two production line (the old and the new) but with the same chassis assembly; i make the components upgrades only for the new production line to restrict the old production line to only produce basic models; but at the branchment it send the car semi-equally between the two branchs without checking if a branch have the equipment to be more near of the targeted model.
Also the car produced at the export can have exactly the characteristic of another model (on the snapshoot it have the characteristic of Sedan Basic) but currently remain with the name intended at the beginning of the production; this imply a premium not intended for these options, i didn’t researched if it sell as good as a luxury car with those equipments or if it will remain in the stocks forever.

It does not care where it sends the car, only that it sends it to the next slot. If eventually we can get a conveyor switch, if its possible, we could do that. But right now the conveyors go to the next open slot, if it has the desired upgrades or not. Just the way it is right now.

Yes. I think eventually it might be worth having ‘smart’ intersections that would essentially lie to cars about what exits they had based on the model of the car (which is just my way to thinking about it in code), which would then let you say 'this sub-line for compact cars only, that sub-line for high end luxury compacts… and so on.

Well, in term of code i see it like a simple path finder: at each time a car is at a branching it find the best path; the paths are linear and input and output are well defined, it form a small tree, so you can easily have a smart routing that build correctly the car models and balance the cars between the branchs to avoid congestion on some branchs and only some cars that go to it when it’s free (making the slot waiting). That will resolve many problems relative to routing.