[Outdated][Bug 1.24 Steam] Drive shaft resource issue

This may not technically be a bug, however does make the make drive shaft useless. Where the input and output blocks are close together, on the ‘make drive shaft’ stage, it causes the resource conveyor to join. Therefore when a drain is created on the output it causes drive shafts to be brought through the resource importer, rather than taking them from the make drive shaft area. Hard to explain in words, picture attached, also save game file.

Either a gap is required between input and output nodes on all stages, or a way of decoupling resource conveyors.
PL - Drive shaft resource issue.zip (51.2 KB)

Currently the Supply Stockpiles don’t care where they get their driveshafts. They will take them from where you make them, and buy them in. What you need to do is make sure you set the import priorities on the fit drive shaft slot to accept local only. You will need to research import priorities. This will not correct the fact that the stockpiles will still buy in driveshafts. It will still buy them in, and until that feature is added, its what we have to deal with. There are many threads about it. Hope this helps