[Outdated][Bug 1.25] Black screen on startup when playing on 1080p

I decided to pick up the game again today but couldn’t do so, when I start the game, the screen stays black, but I do hear the audio and I hear clicks when randomly pressing where the buttons should be, so the game does not seem stuck, it just doesn’t show video. I tried validating, reinstalling and manually deleting all files and reacquiring the files through steam to no avail.

After that I also updated my GPU drivers to the latest version this didn’t help either

Any ideas what might cause this and more importantly how can this be fixed?
windows 7 64 bit
16 GB Ram
970 GTX
intel I7-4770k
errors.txt (3.95 MB)
debug.txt (1.43 KB)
drawdebug.txt (1.37 KB)

1.25 should be out today sometime, so it sounds like just opening the game it is not displaying at all, so its not a save game.
Do you run full screen, or windowed? maybe switching between those two will help, you can force that by editing the prefs file in this location
C:\Users*username*\Documents\My Games\productionline

width = 1360
height = 768
windowed = 1
borderless = 1

1 is windowed, 0 is full screen

Also, maybe the resolution is off? you could try changing that here as well. Just some Ideas, not sure any of it will work.

Funny enough I messed around with the settings in prefs and even though I used to play on 1920x1080 without issues it seems that the resolution is causing the problems.

The only way I got it to work was to manually change the resolution to 720p.

Hi, now it runs, can you set it back to normal screen resolutions without problems? Is it running ok now?
Did any windows update or video card driver update happen since you last ran the game ok?

I tried that, but as soon as I pick the standard 1920x1080 resolution it reverts to the black screen with a loading icon for infinity and the sound.
The game does run normally on the lower resolution though, but I cannot use a windowed mode in any resolution, since this leads to the same issue but obviously with a smaller box rather than the entire screen.

As to updates, I updated my video card drivers but only after the problem started, so that should not cause the issue. No windows updates.

Thats very weird, especially as it looks like the card should be more than capable of running the game. Do you have any problems if you use the DXDiag tool?

No problem, here you go
DxDiag.txt (25.1 KB)

Hey Cliffski

Just to make it yet more difficult: I just installed my new monitor a Dell SG2716DG. I think I found your problem. since it didn’t work at all on this monitor. Then I tried messing with nvidia settings and it turns out the game is not compatible with Nvidia fast Sync. Turning this off seems to work, then I can now play on any resolution.