[Outdated][Bug 1.25 Steam] Start Stop Engine on Every Car

Just noticed this in my new line - The Start Stop engine is being placed on each car, even if it is not a requirement on each vehicle.

Screenshot showing it on the vehicle, yet not on the List for it

Savegame to see my settings.
125 new.xml (2.63 MB)

Hmmm, this is an interesting one. The game currently has no way to differentiate between different resources of a type based upon their added features. This is definitely some additional logic I will need to code… yikes.

The same with lights…it uses available type of light and not the selected one (normal, xenon, led…).

Indeed, those are currently the two producible objects that have additional attributes that can be added to them, but I would like to add some more so I think it does need a fix. There may be situations when the wrong stuff gets applied anyway (if nothing else is available), but it should make intelligent decisions.

The easiest way I’ve thought of solving this sort of issue would be for it to distribute the number of items in the stockpile evenly among what upgrades you have. So if you add start-stop engine to your engine fitting then half the stockpile would be stop-start engines and the other half regular (this will particularly be helpful if you add different size engines in the future). Eventually you could add research so that you can specify the number of each item you want in any local stockpile. So in the lights slot I may say give me 12 regular lights and 4 led if I’m mainly producing cars with regular lights. I think that would also help in other slots where people may want more of a certain item stored locally than you have hard coded right now.

Ok I just added some code:

  1. [Bug} Where feasible a production slot now only uses a resource object with the correct set of upgrasdes (like stop start engine) rather than choosing randomly.

Basically each request for a resource object (like a powertrain) will come attached with the cars feature requirements. If, for example it needs a stop-start engine, then it will look at all the objects in stock and prefer one with a SSE to one without.
It will still take one without if none others exist.
It will use an SSE-powertrain if no basic ones are available.

I think thats much better than the current random system :smiley:

Ahh, so I need to make both kinds then if I want to use “Local only”