[Outdated][Bug 1.28 Steam] Vapor Lock at Air Con

I have not been able to reproduce this, but I was building these cars, and Right after the climate control research completed, I added it to the High priced cars, and left AC on my bargain cars. Then the AC slot locked up, and was not calling for AC units, and was full of climate control. Once I removed the AC from the Bargain car and put it back on (Just clicked it off and then back on in the Model Screen) it took off and imported 2 ac units and went back to work. I will see if I can reproduce it.

This may be related to some problems I’ve talked about on my blog and on video. In short, I’m looking into revamping how this stuff works to prevent issues like this…
Although TBH the situation you describe should still be impossible given the current code :frowning:

If I can reproduce it, I will let you know