[Outdated][Bug 1.29] New Bug

A few Models that i produce wont get viewed by ANYBODY and dont sell…campains change nothing! ive got over 700 cars in the storage and none of them are getting sold which leads to my factory making no profit and almost going bankrupt! The first time that bug appered it only was the new 4x4 car that wont get viewed but later it was also the suv and the sedan and then the compact! Please fix that!

Hi, could you send me the save game with this happening to cliff AT positech dot co dot uk. The save games are in
\my documents\my games\production line\savegames

Could you send me a link to where i should send my savegame? i cant find that…also ive got a jpg file and a xml document. which one should i send or should i send both?

Read between the words. It is his e-mail address.

oh the AT meant @…thanks for the tipp