[Outdated][Bug 1.29 Steam] Something wrong with the stockpiles.

There is a problem with the stockpiles of the “fit body”. (Havent checked other stations.)

The resource import is really slow. And they are stacked on top of eachother.

I’ve added a screenshot.

For anyone wanting to see this in action, this showed up in a recent playthrough (v=f0qfkkPtuwk).

A possible related thing is multi-job stations only ordering parts for the first job until a car has already gone through the first job. At 8:45 you can see Fit Accessories ordering 16 lights.

I’m still seeing this in 1.30 Steam. Here’s a video.


Yeah, I’ve been experiencing the same thing, and not only at the fit chassis section. I have it at any multi-stage part. It now takes almost a day to make even one car! It really has lowered early game enjoyability and I really am not enjoying it at the moment.

I’ve actually got a Steam thread I started yesterday about something similar. Something has definitely changed with the way that things are ordered, and I don’t see predictive stock control having any impact on things either.

If you place a body slot down in 1.22 it (before any cars arrived) would order the below components:

If you do the same in 1.30 you get this, which is far less sensible:

Now I understand that you can’t do this in any exact way as with the number of bodies and upgrades available you can never know exactly what’s coming through but (in this case) there must be some logic behind things that is saying to order 6 body shells, and there must have been some logic for it to do (the seemingly more sensible) old behaviour. Oddly when the fit body shell step is complete it then orders 6 hoods for the fit hood section too. This is then followed up by 6 trunks (again only 1 needed) then 2 front bumpers, presumably because by that point there are only 2 spaces left in the stockpile for that slot.

Could the almighty and all-knowing cliffski perhaps provide some insight? To be honest I think the most useful thing at this point would probably be an explanation of what and when it should be bringing stock in with and without predictive stock control, as it could just be that I’m misunderstanding things but I am aware from the dev videos that this area of the game has been changing recently and isn’t as simple as you’d think!