[Outdated][Bug 1.31](Steam) Graphical Glitch - Office Space Fence Offset

I started a Mission 1 Play through to see the effect of the new changes from scratch.
After building a basic production line I placed one Research Office.
I opened the Research Screen and when I closed it the Office Space Fence was offset.
This disappeared as soon as i touched a movement key and the screen refreshed, but i did save the game before and it was captured in the save game thumbnail.

After saving I restarted the game and tried several times but could not re-create the glitch.

I have managed to re-create it. If you move the screen, touch the w,a,s,d / arrow keys while the Research Screen is open the Office Space Fence will offset/wont redraw correctly.
fenceoffset-debug.rar (49.6 KB)