[Outdated][Bug 1.32] compact cars not selling


great game by the way

since ive updated to 1.32 none of the compact body cars will sell

ive got 20 sat in the showroom with no one buying even though its saying i should increase output

they have been marked down by 100% and still not selling

UPDATE when i researched computerized sales they VERY SLOW began to sell

The computerized sale thing should be unrelated. I can take a look at it if you email me at cliff AT positech dot co dot uk, (Preferable with a link to this thread to remind me) the savegame.
You can find savegames at:
\my documents\my games\productionline\savegames

We did change the way customers buy cars, they now have a budget at a set value rather than just a band. Are all of your compact cars really low-spec in terms of features (or maybe really high)?

Thanks for the reply

They seem to be selling now I added an upgrade to my newest stock and there moving out again now.

Weird they just seemed to hang around for ages then all of a sudden they sold,

Corker of a game by way just what I’ve been after, already lost 35 hours of real life since Saturday morning lol

I have set up a custom map with very high resources so i could play around.

Now i have more than 700 cars in my showroom. This shows several problems:

  • i can not scroll the list of cars in my showroom. It looks like i can drag the slider, but then the list gets updated and it jumps back. After that i can not drag the slider anymore.

  • Also i think the presentation of each individual car is not a good idea. Why not collate all similar cars into just one presentation with a litte number overhead. So it would be easier to update, as the cars are constantly going in and out. My be you should pause the production while in this menu.

  • I have more then 400 cars of this Compact car (Budget Version) in my Showroom. It seems they are not selling at all! I have 0 customer view Count on this car. And the progam tells me to even produce more.

  • i can not see the other cars in my Showroom, as the list is not scrollable. There should be a Summary of what car type are in the showroom and how good the get selled.

  • On the market tab, it tells me that i have 22 customers/hour for this Compact Budget-Car, but 0 sales. On the other hand, i can sell 10 cars of the Sports/Budget, whilst there are ony 5 customers/hour showing up? In my opinion Sales/Hour could not exceed Customers/Hour.
    If the cars are not selling, we should know why. It should be possible to get rid of such cars by making a Special offer sales price with a high Discount and a higher Chance for customers to buy.

  • on the market tab you could add a line “Cars in Showroom” if you move the percentage of marketshare in the same column as the other numbers.