[Outdated][Bug 1.33] Prices / Bankrupt?

Is it normal that really all prices of the imports are going up and down? It’s almost not playable that when you have a nice amount of money, suddenly all the market prices go up, and your cash is flowing away? I think this is not the case in the real world as well?

Also why is it not possible to come in the negative amount of money? So that you’re not bankrupt suddenly, but can go in the red number? The only part then, is that there is no stuff newly bought anymore. But then you still have the change to pick a loan or something.

I really love this game, but it’s hard to make a nice start with these market prices.

I will introduce the option to take loans instead of bankruptcy in a future patch, tis simply a matter of finding time to implement it. I’m also constantly evaluating how to handle balance in the later game.

Yeah, that would be great. Now it’s almost unplayable when you have 300k of money, and suddenly all the prices are going up and you’re bankrupt again. Dynamic prices for each import product should be more realistic.

Hello, my english is certainely very bad… I am french and my name is not Manu Mac…

So. When I played with mega factory… There is only two solutions:

  • first: never be under 2,000,000. If you invest with new equipements, take a loane if you’re not sure to be more than 2,000,000 after the opération.
  • second: buy only raw matérial. At the begining of the game, try to fabric equipement with raw material. Even you fabric 10% of what you need, it seems that price of equipement while be more stable.

By the way, for le next version, it while be great that we can have more details about depense. Only hours, numbers and total of depense, it’s a little bit cheap…

Same problem with 1.32

Make stuff in house it’s lots cheaper and just keep a big chunk of money as a buffer, I’ve been bankrupt a million times since I’ve started playing and have found it hard to hang on to money

I’ve started making g things in house and its loads better

We certainly have an issue in the current build relating to low priced cars which I’m fixing. I blogged about it here if you are interested in the design details:
positech.co.uk/cliffsblog/2017/0 … modelling/

Ok, your explain is really clear. But, where would you go?
Is it possible to not sell car because of price and/or quality?
The relation with other compagnies is really important. Is the number of client/hours fixed or would varie with number of car in showroom (or anything else…) ? Does other compagnies Bankrupt?
This part of the game will be the most complex for coding because it’s the most complex part to organise…

I am also very dissapointed with this price-thing. Yes, i understand, that in real world prices for raw material go up and down. That is why real companies make long term contracts with there suppliers or build up own stocks depending on the actual market prices.

But here in the game, we can not do anything against this price fluctuation. And the prices here actually go up and down more than 100%!!

So actually this means on one moment you are making money and in the next, you are going bankrupt, as the expenses for materials have doubled!

As you can not do anything against it, especially in the beginning when you have no reseached the making of procucts, this price up and down renders the game unplayable.


Yes, it’s one of the fastest solution for codding -> limiting increasing prices under 30% per day. So we can adjust price and perhaps sell car and reinvest to product another one.
Other solution but more complexe: create virtual stocks pile with maximal price and quantity max and min…

OR you could base the prices upon something visible to the player.
Raw material price (Metal, Copper, Iron, Gold etc) things needed in producing the parts.

If the price of the metal goes up a % of that would affect the price of the parts with the metal in it.
There should be a indicator over time however. (showing a weekly demand for metal and a weekly production of the same)
The prices of raw material should be pending on the access to it (limit access) same goes for produced parts (Seats, Engine etc) if the demand is high and the supply low = High price. so you could understand the market to make the decision to make the parts on your own or not (The gain is not there normally but would only be a good idea to reduce market fluctuations).

same bug with 1.33…

  1. Alpha 1.33 – Unrealistic market spikes after day 3 is causing my bank account to drain quickly. I increase the car price from 25% to 105% and make 200K in profit. Huge spike in prices occur again. Raise price to 120% and cars accumulate/ do not sell. Drop the price to 5% all the cars sell. Reset mark up to 25%-45% and after about 10-15 seconds in 3x speed dynamic pricing hits the roof.

I repeated the same with additional features, less features, etc., but face the same problem.

  1. A feature I think that might be useful – Add filters to sort cost of products.

Hope the feedback helps!

With over 75 hours of gameplay (without editing the game files), I also find “the dreaded zigzag” - or price fluctuation for components - far too extreme. It is something you cannot control at all. With many vehicles on your production line, you really need a lot of cash in order to compensate for these fluctuations, even when striving for maximum efficiency and cost reduction. I hope this will be further balanced in future versions. In real life, supply contracts provide stable prices over longer periods (instead of an uncontrollable rollercoaster ride).

Yes, its definitely a balance problem that I am going to address. In fact I’ve set aside tomorrow exclusively to look at this, see why its going so crazy and work out a better, less harsh way of doing this.
Its possible its something where I can make things more playable just by tweaking a few numbers, or it may involve a faire bit of code.
In any case expect improvements to this part of the game by the next patch (hopefully coming some time on saturday).

Unfortunalty, there is same problem with 1.37.
At second day, price goes crazy and my factory goes Backrupt… even if sedan is 45% (!!!) and second model with more option is 50% (!!!).
really pity!
See you soon