[Outdated][Bug 1.35 Steam] Queuing predictive stock control impacts stockpiles

Description: When queuing the research item “predictive stock control”, factory slots that require many items will fail to properly manage their stockpiles, having a significant impact on throughput. Note that this issue does not occur when you research predictive stock control, it happens merely by queuing it.

Expected behaviour: No research item should have any in-game impact until fully researched.

How to reproduce: Start a new game and immediately pause it. Lay down any basic production line. Place a research office. In the research tree, queue “Improved Efficiency”->“Predictive stock control”. Play the simulation. You should notice that the chassis assemble, fit body and fit engine all operate at massively reduced efficiency, waiting for components for a significant chunk of their time.

Note that this issue does not occur if you place your production line, start the simulation and then later queue the research.