[Outdated][Bug 1.37] Car upgrades do not show up

HI, I bought Production line yesterday and have noticed when a made a luxury SUV with a whole lot of bells and whistles only Basic Car and QA showed up in show room although i saw in my car info screen all those features showed up or so i thought please help
FYI i posted this same bug on steam and heve yet to recieve help.

Hi, I answered your steam thread. AFAIK you are either not enabling the option for the design, or you are, and not for the slot. I’m working to make this much more intuitive in future builds of the game.

@cliffski i upgraded ans researched everything on that run and still nothing showed up.

Hi, is this happening just to cars that were already in the line before you added the extra features, or can you see cars actually go through a slot without getting upgrades installed? You can always click on any car in the game on the production line and see details of what upgrades it does have installed.