[Outdated][Bug 1.37] Directional LED Lights

Hello, i dont know if its a bug but, when i click on fit frontlights you can see all needs led directional lights + sensors… when the car is done, and the new one comes in there pops up xenon lights so you need to complete directional led, sensors AND xenon lights … all my cars only have led light so the xenon lights block the space what is needet for the sensors and led lights in the stockpile

hope i was understandable enough xD

Greetings from Germany

What should happen is that after a while those lights should automatically be removed (refunded) and new ones ordered in. You can avoid this being a bottleneck by making sure that you are not constantly swapping between different models. In other words dont do this:
Cheap Car x1
Mid range car x 1
Expensive car x1

but do this…
Cheap cvr x 10
Mid range x10…

Thank you for your quick response.
i have following production plan

car a 10
car b 20
car c 15

but ALL cars only have the led light feature not a single one has Xenon … may i can sent you my savegame

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: