[Outdated][Bug 1.37] Early game crashes - Specialize Paint?

I’m a new player and am getting crashes on both my laptop (2016 MBP running Windows 10 in Bootcamp) and desktop (Also W10)

There’s no errors.txt generated or assert message shown in game - just a crash and “send report to Microsoft” message.

For the CTD, I’ve gotten it with a brand new game on a small map by doing this.
New game, small map
Pause the game
Add a Chasis Assembly
Add and connect an Engine Assembly (in my new game that crashed, I had 2 of them)
And the resource importer and connect the conveyers
Add a Research station (in my game, I placed 4)
Set research to Specialize Paint
Unpause and it CTDs immediately

It seems like the Specialize Paint research node is somehow crossed with the Engine one. I researched Specialized Paint but it unlocked the Engine components, let me build out the engine component stages, and then the line demanded that I send the car to the “Dry” stage.

Hmmm. I’ll look into this… thanks for the bug report.

I just gave this a try and could not get it to crash. Can you post a screenshot of the layout just before you unpause and it crashes? I may be misunderstanding, but you do need to have fit body between the fit chassis and the engine (and you need paint in there too…) it shouldn’t matter,m as you just get an error pop-up telling you the next slot is wrong, but I thought I’d point it out in case I misunderstood.