[Outdated][Bug 1.37] Games gets very slow

Hi there and thanks for the continious development…
unfortunately, after the update to v1.37 the ressource importers have problems to start importing and after 10-15 min gameplay (big map) the game gets unplayable due to perfomance issues. Everything is moving with extreme low fps

after restarting the game with savegame, everything looks and works fine for the next 10-15min

i don´t think it´s my PC (fx-8350 / 16GB / ATI6970)

wow thats super weird. do you have a savegame that re-creates this? I’d love to see this happen on my PC so I can debug it.

Hi cliffski, yes i do have a savegame where that happens all time

please see attachment

about the ressource importers, if i add storage to different slots the import does only start after a restart of the game

hope this info helps
testgame137.xml (9.09 MB)

Hi, is there a custom mission associated with this savegame? I think there is, and I need that as well in order to open it.

here you go…
test137.txt (3.75 KB)

Thanks, I’m running it now. I need to run it a lot under a profiler to work out what slows down. Sounds like it gets worse over time?

yes it does gets slower over some time (ca.15min)… the framerate drops a lot

I’ve changed some stuff for the next build, and my measurements here show a massive boost to performance, so hopefully things will get better for you with that patch.

Hello. I am also affected by this. I could tell immediately after the last update that something went wrong. When I start a new game, or change turn, the game used to be very fast, now I can even see the lines on creating the game appearing 1 by 1. Furthermore, I noticed the font of the text changed a bit.

Hi, are you talking about Production Line? because this sounds suspiciously like Democracy 3…?