[Outdated][Bug 1.41] Slot Requirement Not Met


Next slot requirement not met after research. After researching Fit Body, and placing the next tier of manufacturing down, it mistakenly says it’s missing a component when it’s, in fact, suppose to be included in the process.

In this screenshot, the main line follows the 3 steps (Body frame, Roof, and Doors) in a Fit Body.
The adjacent line (top right) shows if it just uses the Fit Body module.

The first scenario mission following the tutorial as a guide
Next, I proceeded to research Fit Body.
Then, demolished the existing Fit Body and replacing it with the 3 new modules.

I’m unsure if this is intentional, but if it is someone, please tell me about it.
I’m unable to add the attachment files due to the attachment board reaching the quota.