[Outdated][Bug 1.43a] Ressources in Slots

Hello, i noticed that some slots using ressources which they are currently not using.

example fit engine slot. there are 4 wheels, 4 tires and some other materials in storage. the slot is at the fit wheels, takes all 4 wheels and 1 tire. so at next step there must be ordered 1 tire extra and the slot is on waiting for ressources.

i hope it can be fixed soon.

thanks and you’re doing a great job

I am getting the same problem. The sourcing of components is terrible e.g. 3 tyres, wheels and brakes and then it waits for the 4th in each case. The exhaust and steering column is never then and only ordered when its needed etc. This is only happening on the fit engine which holds up the production line so bad I go bust as it takes 3 times as long or more to complete the engine fit. This occurs even with sourcing upgrade via research.

I have spotted the problem, when it picks up the four wheels that are there it says there are not enough (even though there is) it then has to order all 4 again and wait for them. It is also then causing a mis-alignment of components you get 3 tyres and 3 brakes also leaves one behind and causing more delays. The engine is never there it orders it and then does the same for the exhaust as it is never there in advance. This goes on and on so the whole engine fit takes 4 times as long and you slowly lose money. Breaks the game :frowning:

Its worse than I thought, when the wheels disappear so do 3 tyres, 3 brakes the exhaust and steering column. This causes all the delays with the powertrain vanishing as well at another stage. It is also happening on other local stockpiles as well. E.g chasis construction.
Love the concept of the game though just wish I could play and make a profit :slight_smile: