[Outdated][Bug 1.43a] Unsupported Save Version


Since this morning I can not access my backups anymore.

My main backup and the ones I tested this morning tell me “Unsupported Save Version”.
I uninstalled and reinstalled the game without changing the state of the backups.

My version game is Alpha 1.43a

I’m attaching you a screen.

Thanks for your help

I just downloaded a backup that a member posted.
I know how to read this backup … But when I save it myself, I do not know how to load it afterwards.

The problem obviously comes in the process of the backup.

27/1/2018 - 7::47 - Error saving surface

errors.txt (368 Bytes)

Have the same problem. Please let me know when you have a solution.


Ok, no problem !

An update (2.5 MB) has just been done on Steam. Backups can now be loaded.

Thank you for this fix.