[Outdated][Bug/Balance 1.20 Steam] No management of pre-requisite and mutual exclusion on design features

Probably more a “design in progress” than a bug but there are no constraints on pre-requisites (Powered Steering Adjustment probably should require Power Steering, at least I can’t think of a real-life example of traditional steering with a powered adjustment mechanism, likewise you can instal Climate Control without also installing Air Conditioning and Heater, unless Climate Control is meant to package both in one in which case it falls into the next category, same thing with the three Cruise Control features) and features that probably should be mutually exclusive can be used together (Sun Roof and Panoramic Sun Roof can be used together, Xenon Headlights and LED Headlights can be used together, eventually Climate Control being able to be mounted along with Heater and Air Conditioning, same thing with the three Cruise Control features).
This can create issues in the supply chain and regarding pricing.