[Outdated][Bug/Balancing 1.13] Bodyframe Manufacturing and Research Order of Operations Reversed

In 1.13, you can research any of the Bodyframe Manufacture slots, but you cannot actually build them until after you research Bodyframe Specialization because the ‘Make [foo]’ is dependent on the ‘Fit [foo]’ being available.

I needed some times reading this post but I think I got it …
The research project dependencies as in 1.13:

The research project dependencies as mentioned:

So it points a bit towards the same direction as this post does.

Or is it just about the slot picker menu that will not allow you to place these make-slots because the expanding is locked at ‘Fit Bodyframe’ slot?
research.csv (12.4 KB)

This is the issue; I was trying for a build I use the bog-standard Chassis Assemble, Fit Body, Paint, Fit Engine, Fit Accessories but build all the manufacturing components I can to see how well it’d work when I noticed this and wanted to see if it’d break the UI by giving you the Fit [Foo] without actually doing the research.