[Outdated] Chassis floors not showing up and other bugs (full list)

This will be a compiled bug list for the current build.

  • Chassis Assemble zone, the floors aren’t showing up.

  • Can no longer rotate conveyor belts with middle mouse button.

  • We still need a “message log” as I miss at least 50% of the messages at the bottom of the screen. If you don’t add one, then an option to click to OK before the message is pulled would be nice.

  • Robots are still too cheap even after their price increase.

  • Need a way to pause production at the Chassis Assemble zone. Right now I have to delete a conveyor segment to make it stop producing while other zones catch up in early stages of a scenario.

  • On the loading screen for the game change the icon to something that doesn’t look like the traditional “Save to disk” iconography. Every time I go to load a game I get a bit confused thinking I somehow ended up in the “save game to disk” menu.

  • I like to build my new factories in reverse order starting with placing the export slot. But I cannot rotate that when there is nothing on the factory floor so I’m forced to abutt it directly to the “out door”.

--------------- 2 hours later -------------------

  • Floating windows that show what is being used with turquoise background - they are unreadable as the background color saturates and bots out the parts.

  • Please let us click un-researched items on the factory floor and have it bring us straight to the research window that requires it.

  • Conveyor belt whine. That monotone droning sound? Whatever it is needs to be lowered in volume. It is very annoying at current levels.

  • When zoomed into office workers they need to have sound effects. I’d suggest light intermittent keyboard tapping sound.

  • Robot arm sound effects don’t kick in soon enough on zoom.

  • Need sound effects for Paint station. I’d suggest a nozzle spray sound or the whooshing of an industrial dryer.

  • Need to be able to click on a car on conveyor belt and have camera attach to it so we can follow it around.

  • Quality check booth needs sound effect as well. I’d suggest a lasery light sound, or tanning bed sound.

  • Export booth needs sound effects. I’d suggest a cellphone or landline phone ringing sound.

  • I don’t see the conveyor tracks move anymore. Did they used to?

in early stages so more notes to come…

Also getting a very bad bug where it says I have stuff in my Research Queue but I don’t.

Also can’t find “electric windows” in the add slot for stockpiles.