[Outdated][Crash 1.39] Crash without message


got a game crash whilst looking at my window production, not really any action taken…
There also isn’t any message from the game, just the windows error message (attached). Error was around 11:00am

Windows Error Text:
Problemereignisname: BEX
Anwendungsname: ProductionLine.exe
Anwendungszeitstempel: 5a1306f3
Fehlermodulname: ProductionLine.exe
Fehlermodulzeitstempel: 5a1306f3
Ausnahmeoffset: 0014a5eb
Ausnahmecode: c0000409
Ausnahmedaten: 00000005
Betriebsystemversion: 6.3.9600.
Gebietsschema-ID: 1031
Zusatzinformation 1: afa2
Zusatzinformation 2: afa2b88a01f22d983ba3342ed52724e4
Zusatzinformation 3: 95d2
Zusatzinformation 4: 95d2de4569098e6320fcf5d8a31f92f5

it is reproducable, loading the savegame and after a while the game crashes, might have something to do with the replenishment from the window production to the storage. Thats where it crashed the last time (clicking the storage).
blaa.rar (864 KB)
debug.txt (1.27 KB)
drawdebug.txt (865 Bytes)
errors.txt (4.76 KB)