[Outdated][Improvement 1.07] incorrect 'Next slot requirements not met! ...'


the new ‘Next slot requirements not met! …’ tool tipps are great but in some cases the don’t show the correct requirement.
In my case I connected the ‘Fit Vent’ slot with the ‘Paint Undercoat’ slot:

So the next slot should be ‘Fit Roof’ task. The ‘Fit Wing Mirrors’ is either part of the ‘Fit Doors’ slot or - when already split up - of the ‘Fit Wing Mirrors’ slot.

Anyone else with other examples?

Kind regards

its kinda wrong… I see how its very confusing now. Basically it is saying you cant do paint next, you haven’t done wing mirrors yet. Which technically is true. However, I think people are assuming it rally means ‘you need to do wing mirrors next’ which clearly is not true. Maybe I should invert it.

Hi Cliff,

so the other way is just a misunderstanding/misreading on my side …
But now I understand what the message wants to tell me: Next slot requires ‘Fit Wing Mirrors’ to be done!
Or, in case of my point of view: Task ‘Fit Roof’ is not applicable at next slot!

I don’t know which one would have a better user acceptance …

Maybe other player may let us what kind of message they would expect ;o)

Thanks and kind regards