[Outdated][Improvement 1.08] Supply Stockpile seems broken 1.08a

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Been toying with a few ideas in reducing short supply issues on certain high demand lines (early cycle).

For instance Fit Engine, any item that requires more than 1 qty of to complete a single vehicle is stockpiled nearby inline to the supply conveyor. So, stationStockPile>stockPile>resourceImportor with conveyor connections. Now I thought the station stockpile will always take from the closest source IF resource is available and then from further a field IF not. If this is the case it’s just not doing so. I am seeing valves, wheels and tyres being pulled from the importer through the local stockpile which has stock and onto the stations stockpile. Furthermore a stations stockpile seemingly is requesting too much of a single resource, thus creating its own short supply problem.

So in the Fit Engine case there are 16 components needed to be fitted to move the vehicle to the next station and the stations stockpile has 16 slots, so there is a 1:1 relationship there and yet I see many times 10/12 valves stocked on the station stockpile, which essentially leads to an item being fitted creating an empty spot on the stations stockpile which is filled by the item currently demanded in the next fit operation, however that item has to now travel from the importer through the conveyor system before being instantly picked and fitted.

I hope that is explained well enough

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I am having the same problem too, made a suggestion for it here: viewtopic.php?f=54&t=18124&p=83853#p83853 , but there has been no reaction on it.
Basically, the solution to this would be to have the input and output on opposite sides of the stockpile, so the station is connected to the stockpile and not directly to any importer line, so the only option for that station is to pull parts from the stockpile.

Hi, although that would indeed be a simple fix, its kind of hacky because it would prevent you having the layout of your resource conveyors exactly as you want them. I shall have another look (after todays patch) at the code to work out how this could be happening.

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Iv’e done another run through without using stockpiles at all and by default the fit engine station seems to favour stocking engine valves 12 qty after the initial stock delivery. So with 12 of 16 slots in the stockpile being used for valves it just creates a massive back log

I think that wrong valve buffer size is still a result of earlier game versions requiring 8 valves per car… I think Cliff may have overlooked to adjust the buffer request ratio for valves.

Anyways I’m moving the thread to Bug Reports and file it as an improvement.