[Outdated][Improvement 1.39] No Export Room

Apologies if this has been raised before. I have set up in house production of Axles with four stations producing them. The last station tells me there is “No Export Room” despite the fact I can still see imports still arriving and have space on my stockpile. Any help or clue as to what I’m doing wrong much appreciated. I have a screenshot available but not sure how to add it to this post. Thanks

Did you set the production slots to prefer local? Otherwise it will buy the component sometimes

Thanks for reply and I have now realised that by researching import priorities their is the option to use local or imported parts. There are just too many things to take into consideration, but that’s what makes this game so damn good. I also think that if the production area is too far away from the line slot it might have a bearing on the outcome.

The game works on importing to the slot via the easiest route so if the manufacturer section is miles away from the fit section and there’s importers closer then it will choose those.

Might be a good idea for Cliff to update the FAQ with some of the latest questions, this would help with those “not so obvious” game mechanics.