[Outdated] Production Line - Mail saying new version but still 1.12 in HB

Hi, maybe is for been new but I the email that I recibe don’t have any link to the download page only 2 for the home page, and the Humble Bundle have the 1.12 version. I’m doing something wrong or is correct?

Hi, does it work for you now or is it still showing as 1.12?

Hey Alvargon,

the email with the update notification just just that: a notification that an update is available.
Just look for the email with the ‘Your Production Line order is ready’ topic. The download link in this email will lead you always to the latest game version.

It may take some minutes between an upload of a new game version, the update notification from humble and the availability to download the new game version. Have had this before with another game …

Hope this will help …