Over-difficult scenarios

Maybe it’s just me, but the scenarios: Advanced: Even mo’ money, and Quick Start: Quick draw - both have absurdly difficult Master level goals.

For Quick Draw, you have 7 years to get revenue of:
Standard: 3 million
Expert: 9 million
Master: 25 million

Over 7 years there are about 2,500 days. So to make master, you need to make 10,000 per day every day. From day One! Or 3.5 million per year, from year one. Assuming it takes about 4-5 years just to get established (it does me, depending on the randomness), you’ve probably got to make about 20 million in 3 years - or 7 million per year by later game (20,000 per day - or about 12-13 tier 4 cures). Anyone managed that? I’ve just failed to even reach the Expert despite having income at the end of about 5500 per day (income, not profit).

I’m struggling to meet the 9 million requirement (might make it)!

For Even mo’ Money, there’s 14 years to get revenue of:
5, 12 or 30million respectively.

That’s much longer, but still, by the time you’re established, you need to make about 5-10million per year, which I’ve never managed (maybe 3 mill per year is my max).

What do others thing of these goals? Any others that are almost impossible?

Another one - “An end to the pill”:

4,6,8 years to make 400 successful treatments of male contraceptive (note successful!).

Research times to get the UV curer (required):
Advanced Processing: 5 months
Advanced Auxilliary: 7
Specialist Processing: 8
UV Curer: 10
Total: 30 months - 2.5 years

Leaving 18 months to make the product for a Master.

Male Contraceptive seems to be 50% effective at 100% strength, so to cure 400 you need to make 800. 800 / 30 (pills per day) = 26.6 months of one line. But you only have 18 months left, and you need to spend probably a month or more doing analysis to find out what 100% strength is.

So you’d need a perfect run through and no money problems plus to pause the game while you make two full lines to run flat out, producing the drug. And because at least in my game, the demand for male contraceptive was quite low, the second line destroyed the demand and the price plunged by about 40%.

It’s probably possible, but rather extreme, even for Master. I managed it in a bit less than 5 years, 11.5 months too late for Master. Anyone managed this on Master?

I have 5 different “Even mo’ Money” games saved. One about 5 years in, the rest less than 2 years in. I always get distracted by something else or ditched it b/c I didn’t think I’d make it. I should probably stick with it to see what I can do.

… You can allways create a second production line (or even more) for that specific cure. You’ll sell more drugs and cure more affected people each month.

Unfortunately this game has a built in market cap. The most efficient drug is having collided syringes with maxed regulatory connections, which for many high level drugs will tank the market after ~3-5 years, so there’s only so much easy money to get. Afterwards you’re restricted to stuff that doesn’t cure like Anaesthetic and the infectious diseases. Add to that floor space requirements for machines and it’s pretty hard to get above about $1000 per factory tile per day.

25M in 7 years with a 3x3 factory, say we fully build in four years, needs 5M per year, or ~14000 per day. With just 9 factory tiles, that’s about $1500 per factory tile per day.

I’d say it’s remarkable if you can manage half of it (12.5M).

On the other hand, 30M in 12 years with a 4x4 factory was doable.

Hey guys, I’m totally open to suggestions from you guys what you think is right. Here’s the truth - I have not completed every level on master. I know I’m not as good at Big Pharma as lots of you guys so I pitched it a fair bit above my own level! The goals are calculated from my own average revenue in a particular scenario with a “better than me” multiplier factored in. For the most part they seem OK got I’ve clearly got the balance wrong in some places here.

So, let’s try to reach a consensus as to what is a suitable goal. How are these for size?:

Quick draw, 7 years: clearly I’ve messed this one up. I’ve massively overestimated the value of having some extra starting tech. Reduce both expert and master:
Standard: 3 million
Expert: 8 million
Master: 12.5 million

Even mo’ Money, 14 years: from what you guys are saying this one is closer. It seems the master might be just out of reach? Do you think the following would be achieveable?
Standard: 5 million
Expert: 12 million
Master: 24 million

An end to the pill, 400 successful treatments: Seems the master is just a touch too hard even with maximal optimisation. Suggest:
Standard: 8 years
Expert: 6 years
Master: 5 years


Yeah that is the best way to do it. I actually follow those steps which you have mentioned.

An end to the pill
5 years for master is probably still pushing it a bit even though I did manage it, that was only by being hyper focused and somewhat lucky. 5.5 or maybe 6 would be better. And then 7,8 for the other levels?

Even mo’ Money
The numbers still seem a bit high, at least for standard and master. I think my game in the other thread only got me to about 20million before timeout, and that’s after 7.5hrs of playing. Though there are better players out there.

Quick draw:
The 12.5 mill is still very high. I don’t think I even made 9 million in my game and that was after 4hrs of playing. Maybe 7 or 8? Although I guess I wasn’t doing so well that game. I’d suggest 3,6,9 probably.

In the other direction, Allevieting alzheimers - if memory served, I think that one was quite easy; I had it done in something like 4. Per my earlier message for “end to the pill”, to get the tech required only takes 2.5 years, so I’d say 4.5 is reasonable for master given you only need to supply 10 successful doses.

money spinners
I think I put this in another thread, but lowering the number required for standard and master would probably be an idea, especially if you’re making it so you can’t stack the same cure and get paid twice for it. There are only so many products that can potentially net 800 profit, even with syringes.

I’m struggling to get started on the crippling debt ones; it is quite a crippling debt; others are no doubt fairing better. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input enzymus. I’ve made the changes which will go out in the next patch hitting some time this week.