Over/Under turret placement suggestion and size override

I’m putting in a number of EDF ships from Yamato.

These tend to be cigar-shaped, with turrets all around the hull.

Putting turrets on the side looks crappy, for obvious reasons of perspective.

I was wondering, since ships can fly over or under other ships, would it be possible to add a single value for a given turret that says if it is visible or invisible? This would override the turret values (turret size, etc).

So I might put 2 turrets in the same location on the hull, and mark one as invisible, and the shot would come from UNDER the ship.

In addition, I’d like to see the ability for a given module location as defined in the hull file to override the turret size in the module file.

2 = 128.00,64.00,TURRET,

might allow

2 = 128.00,64.00,TURRET(0),

where the value in parenthesis is the size of whatever turret is placed there (or even a modifier on that size if that is easier).