Override a policy into a current country?

So after recently getting the new installment in the Democracy series and quickly loving it like I did the previous, I decided to start breaking some eggs and create a modpack of my own which was something I had began in the previous version but never quite finished. In working on it something I wanted to know is if it is possible to create a script in the overrides file of your mod folder where you can implement a policy into an in-game nation without having to create an entirely different version of the nation in the mod’s mission folder.

For example, I noticed a few of the nations that already exist in-game not having the Genital Mutilation Ban policy already implemented before the player assumes office. I thought this was odd considering that all of the currently available nations have some level of such a ban in place with their current law system. I wanted to rectify this by overriding the policy into the nations missing the policy considering otherwise I would have to directly implement it into the mission folder of the base game files, something I couldn’t upload as a tweak to the workshop without creating a separate mission file of the same nation.

I know it is a very specific question, and I have asked it on the Steam forums as well, but I’m currently stumped and figured I mine as well see if anyone else has had a similar issue and came up with the result I’m looking for.


Thanks for your query, I believe Cliff (the dev) can find a solution for you and if necessary incorporate the solutions into the new mod tools.

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Actually i really doubt that the current game supports it, but on the other hand, it doesn’t sound too hard to add it, so i will look into it…