Override trouble :(

I’m trying out my first override but i can’t see it affect the outcome ingame.

Can anyone see any issues with this?


TargetName = "IncomeTax"
HostName = "MiddleIncome"
Equation = "0-(1.12*x)"
Inertia = 0

it should be

not MiddleIncome


Oh Thanks! :o from reading the files was under the impression that _MiddleIncome would decrease income or membeship? While without the _ would affect opinions/effects?

No that _MiddelIncome is the name of the item. Several ‘special’ items start with underscores.

Ok for further understanding:

Looking at incometax in the policies.csv file:



What are the difference of these two?

Aha… sorry I misunderstood. In fact I think in your original text you just have the host and target the wrong way around. you want the tax to affect the happiness of the middle income group yes? If so it needs reversing.

To answer the difference between the two…

this is a voter group, and everyone with middle income is in there. Affecting this changes peoples happiness…

This is a simulation value and represents the earning power of people with a middle level of initial income. This is finances. If you (for example) reduce this, you are taking money (not happienss) away from people on middle income. This may reduce their effective wealth and make some of them no longer in MiddleIncome but in Poor.
basically people have a default level of income which puts them in a voting group like MiddleIncome. That income is then adjusted by any financial pressures on MiddleIncome, at which point their group membership is re-evaluated.
In a sense, _MiddleIncome can be thought of as MiddleIncome_income.
Confusing as hell isn’t it? imagine coding it :smiley: