[P.S.A.] > Modding for GSB1 during the GSB2 era? <

[size=110]This post is an official PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT to all modders of GSB1,
and to all players of GSB1 who enjoyed playing our modded content.[/size]


As of September 1, 2015, GSB has just entered its SEVENTH year since its pre-release beta went public in 2009.
All official development of this game stopped two years ago in 2013.
If your copy of GSB shows on the main menu screen as version 1.63,
then - good news! - you are fully patched and you are playing the final version of the game.

Cliffski, the developer, is presently in the middle of applying post-release balance changes and bugfixes to [size=110]GSB2[/size] - the sequel to GSB. Were you somehow unaware of GSB2 until now? It’s being discussed on this very same web forum; see here.


From a purely technical point of view, there is nothing preventing you from creating additional modded content for GSB1. As long as you are using the Windows version of the game, the built-in Hull Editor still functions. That makes it MUCH easier for you to alter ships’ slots, add damage textures, and so on.

There is now very little traffic through the GSB1 area of this website. Because GSB2 has been public for nearly seven months (since February 6, 2015), that’s to be expected. For the few modders still interested in GSB1, and still actively posting at this quiet section of the website (I believe the current count of such people is only three), the question I think that they must ask themselves is this:

do you consider it worth your effort to create modded content
despite the general absence of an external audience???

For my own part, I’ve been modding GSB1 “on and off again” ever since it was three weeks old in 2009. During this very long period of time, the thing that I have needed to keep clearly aware of is that - above all other considerations - I need to create content for myself. As a modder, if it doesn’t satisfy ME fully and completely, there’s no point in other people seeing it. If the content is good enough, it doesn’t matter whether it’s seen or not; talked about by others or not. Real worth exists independently of fans, enthusiasts, and casual acquaintances. Of course modders prefer to share their creations! But the first and hardest test a mod has to pass is being deemed as satisfactory by its creator. As long as it passes that test, the size of its future audience does not matter.


As a very long-term member of this game’s player and modder communities, I’d prefer that you shared your creations. :smiley:
But you have to be certain that said content fully pleases YOU before it pleases anyone else. That’s what I meant about the absence of an external audience. A good mod is still a good mod even if very few other players know it’s out there.

Does this make sense, I hope? Since TheMightyCat11, curtis.johnson and Zina Lazo are presently the only forum members actually posting in the GSB1 Gratuitous Modding subforum, they (and any other lurkers like them) must determine if their own inner satisfaction with & enjoyment of their “Work In Progress” mods is enough fuel for them to carry their individual modding projects to completion. It’s not quite an easy question to answer, and I hope you will choose wisely.

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